Project 50 Kids is a social enterprise that is working to promote technology literacy, critical and creative thinking while building a strong human connection.

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Rabtt had the privilege of working with Project 50 Kids last year during Rabtt Summer Camps 2015. Our role as an organization involving diverse pool of volunteers and adolescents from public and low cost schools to come together for a lifelong learning process has been the impetus for this relationship. Project 50 Kids, an initiative to acquaint students with critical thinking and reinforce creativity through computer studies, is a call much needed for the times.
Imran Sarwar, Co-Founder & MD Rabtt
‘Project 50 Kids’ a name rather modest, neither very flowery nor having a strong flavor of intellectualism or philanthropy, caught my attention through a Facebook banner that flashed on my computer screen. That one click did the whole trick. Soon I started seeing a series of posts, media links and ultimately and invitation to the ‘RABTT Graduation Ceremony held in the summer of 2015 where the P50K team had displayed the colorful and creative work of their students. Students who had possibly never touched a computer keyboard in their life prior to their enrollment in this program. The results I have witnessed are impressive! I have seen the glowing faces of kids who are so proud of their creative work. The mingling of those belonging to affluent households and the less fortunate was a fascinating sight for me.
Muhammad Khaleeq, COO AFAQ
To be honest Project 50 Kids is amazing. I have witnessed with my own eyes their team interacting with the children at school. They are so involved when teaching these kids, it was amazing watching them. The excitement of children at the sight of a laptop and the way Project 50 Kids’ teachers allowed them to explore their curiosities was interesting to watch. They kept their students engaged and involved throughout camp. I think they should continue doing the amazing job they do and I wish them all the best.
Sohayb Pasha, CEO Sohayb Pasha Photography
Being the Founder of Independent Theatre Pakistan (ITP) – a platform for aspiring young artists with a focus on Pakistani values and creating cross cultural dialogue, I have had the immense pleasure and privilege to have seen the work of Project 50 Kids team. We have seen the P50K team to be a committed, self-motivated, hardworking and extremely innovative organization working for the betterment of Pakistan. An initiative with similar core values that focus on enhancing creativity and the ability to think critically using modern and interactive learning methods, P50K has been a success in developing a human-to-human connection with students from low-cost educational institutes in Pakistan to become the leaders of tomorrow. This volunteer program of young, enthusiastic and energetic individuals see technology as a tool to solve problems and bring social change in a positive and original way while also being focused and concentrated in solidifying their social and technological observations against the contradictions of contemporary society. Our team wholeheartedly wish P50K team very best in the pursuit of their future endeavours.
Azeem Hamid - Founder & Creative Director Independent Theatre Pakistan

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